What do you want to learn about testing in 2023?

There is much to learn, no matter where we are on our career journey.

What do you want to learn about testing in 2023?

And how do you learn best? What methods/techniques/approaches support your learning?


Getting better in telling testing stories. Including creating better reports to support that.

Somehow I make most of my note documents like they can be used also as reports. I wonder if there might be some issues with that.


Not sure if I will actually get to it this year, but a current topic is an old topic that I have explored before, thought I have solved, been reintroduced to, found that my solution was flawed in a continuous cycle. And right now I am once again faced with a facet of the problem that is new to me, the political angle.

The topic is the business case of testing.

And I recently watched a video where scientific icons tried to provide arguments to combat flat-earthers, and they all seem to struggle with the curse of knowledge. In their world the earth is round, and everything is pointing in that direction, so it is impossible to understand a viewpoint where the earth is not round. And in testing we are suffering from the curse of knowledge as well. Of course you should test the things before shipping it to the customer, but then people come and say why am I paying for testing, and you have no arguments. So maybe that.


I was thinking about learning more about management, I get along with people pretty well, and on the other hand, having to constantly learn new technical things gets a bit tiresome. I’m not tired yet of being an individual contributor, but in the long run, I think management is a good choice (provided that I learn to become a bit more assertive in the meantime) for me.


That’s a great question to start our new year learning journey !
My main topic for this year is “Quality Coaching”, I want to learn more and put the knowledge I gathered recently into practice.
In 2022, I worked in a not very well organized project as test lead, So I take that opportunity to challenge the team in some occasions, about their development process and different things related to the product.

This year, I want to go deeper on that role.

To support my learning, things I could do :

  • Practice: I’ll try to find ways as consultant to practice that role
  • Books: I ordred a new book The Coach’s Casebook
  • Meetups/blogs: I’ll challenge my self to share what I’m learning this is a good tool for me to make sure if I can explain it or I didn’t understand it well (try to improve story telling is part of it)

How do I learn?
One part is that I consume general interesting, potential helpful, topics without a current need. So that they have time to “sink in” and I slowly wrap my head around them. Every now and then I find question about details which I can clarify calmly.
Once I find a concrete application of this topic, I already have a good starting level.
This applies more to knowledge than skills. Skills need practice.


I want to get better at testing ideas and requirements. I want to get better at identifying potential issues and providing great feedback, before code is written.

I’m starting that journey by introducing my team to Example Mapping. I’m confident there are loads more I can learn.


I want to learn how to increase people’s intrinsic motivation in testing, and all other areas of quality assurance. Including my own intrinsic motivation.


This year I’m trying to focus my learning on the following:

  • Improving my accessibility testing skills and confidence
  • Quality coaching
  • Technical skills in AWS and Cypress

I want to get a better understanding of our micro services architecture so that I can better test the back end of our app


This year I want to really get better at accessibility. I plan to complete the MoT Accessibility 30 day challenge, and to practice at work as much as I can.


This year, I have made a commitment to learn Python programming so that I can write test scripts in Python for automation testing.



Due to high demand for technology, my team at Testrig is currently prioritizing two important areas: AI in Testing and IoT Testing. We recognize the significance of leveraging artificial intelligence in testing processes and ensuring thorough testing for IoT devices. These focus areas will enable us to stay at the forefront of testing advancements and develop efficient and effective testing practices.

Hello Emma, just checking if you had any luck studying Cypress… I am also planning to learn the Cypress tool. any good materials/vidoe3s you could find online?

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Hi Paul, to get started I used the test automation university online course: Introduction to Cypress

I also did the introduction course on Ministry of Testing and I’ve been able to add a couple of simple tests now.

Hope this helps!

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