What does "codeless" mean to you?

There’s a trend emerging and solidifying in the tooling space. It’s called “codeless”.

In a testing context, what does “codeless” mean to you? What has been your experience of using codeless testing tools? What else does the term mean to you? How is it helping the testing craft?

I’m also curious about AI and its relationship with codeless testing. Might “Prompt Testing” or “Prompt Engineering” become a thing with the rise in interest and investment in AI tooling?

To me “codeless” = “caffeine free”. It seems okay at first and then… blahhhhh…

This reminds me of when I first switched from development to QA twenty years ago. Inheriting messy QTP scripts “recorded” by interns and refactoring them into something reusable that provides value. Interacting with and manipulating the UI is the easy part. Can these codeless tools be customized to verify crucial business logic ?


I was out and about :slight_smile:

I was following the codeless/no-code/RPA/low-code space from 2018-2022 and have numerous blog posts and an MoT article on the matter. lowcode | Complexity is a Matter of Perspective

Low code is, when you squint at it, all about the visualization and abstraction of something that previously took coding in IDEs, tinkering in Excel sheets, and similarly skilled IT labor to configure. It’s really nothing new in the history of IT.

yes. The fuzz about conversational programming is already out & about. And will only grow in the coming 2-4 years. Copilots for IDE’s will enable a new form of higher-order programming level… and we will have outsmarted ourselves yet again.