What does every tester deserve? Every tester deserves .



To be valued.

Every tester deserves RAT! :rat: :smile:

In all seriousness, it’s fascinating to read the responses to this tweet. And this LinkedIn post.

Please have a read and spot the trends.

If indeed testers deserve respect and to be valued, how might we go about receiving such respect and value? What things have helped you earn the respect of your peers and leadership? How have you demonstrated value?

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Perhaps I’m derailing the question as looking at some of the tweets it’s been taken in a jovial way, but as testers we should not have to justify our existence. If you’re having to do this to people you work with, definitely a red flag.

Never would I expect a developer, BA, anyone to sit there and justify what they do and what value they bring to me. No one should need to justify their existence at work.

Demonstrating value, knowledge, skills through your work will grant you respect amongst your peers, I’m certain of that - but never expect anything just because you are a [insert job role here].

Your actions, behaviours and how you treat people should speak for you.