What interesting things did you learn from the talks at TestBash UK 2022?

Did you attend TestBash UK 2022?

What interesting things did you learn from the talks?

Appreciate there’s likely a lot, so feel free to bullet a reply or share multiple replies. Or perhaps stick to just that one specific thing.

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There were some very inspiring talks but the two key things that I’ll take are:

  1. Storytelling - in particular putting the human/persona and their emotion into a bug report to help sell the value in fixing it. I’ve done this on occasion when I suspect a bug will be straight “won’t fix” despite being an annoying niggle in the software. I’m really keen to look at exploring this more with what I learnt in the talk.
  2. Quality coaching seems like an interesting path to pursue as I evaluate what my future might hold. It also got me thinking more short term about how I do tend to try and teach, not coach, and how this is something I can work on.
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