What is Learning?

Eva Podbrsdká (@evap) spoke at TestBash UK 2023 about ways to boost our brain, showcasing strategies for effective and persistent learning . Eva shared how learning actually works, according to neuroscientists, how you can leverage this knowledge to your advantage and so much more!

Eva Podbrdska on stage at TestBash UK 2023

So we invite you to watch this talk and use this Club thread to:

  • Share what you’d like to apply or have already applied at work
  • Open a discussion about what you’ve learned
  • Share your appreciation for Eva
  • Ask a question

:bulb: You don’t have to watch the entire talk if you don’t have time. Skip ahead to one of these concepts. And then come back to others later:

2m 5s - What is Learning?
12m 36s - Beyond Memorization
15m 20s - Talent
24m 09s - Book Resources

:film_projector: Watch “Boost Your Brain: Strategies for Effective and Persistent Learning”

:information_source: This talk is available to watch with a Pro Membership

How about you?
What is your definition of Learning? Why do you think we have trouble remembering things sometimes? Do you believe we can gain a new talent?