What is Your Current Goal: July 2020

Inspired by last nights AMA with Bruce, I thought it would be good to have a Club thread to go back to once we achieve our goals to celebrate with each other :tada:

For me

I’ve been threatening to learn Python for ages. I got the most recent version installed but I’ve not gotten any further than that. It’s not so much a career goal as a personal one to feel like I’m staying relevant.

What about you? What is your current goal?

If you’re not sure about how to set goals, maybe What Is Your Process For Setting Goals? can help you :slight_smile:


My personal goal to learn how to make beautiful sketchnotes. I started by ordering this book…


My current goal is to build a CNC machine. On first sight this might not seem it’s work related, but yet worthwhile to call out:

  • I hope it will be a good antidote from my day-to-day work
  • I want to get a better understanding of hardware / software interaction (very relevant to my work)
  • It will satisfy my urge to tinker :hammer_and_wrench:

So, hopefully one day, this box of loose components will become a full functioning machine :nerd_face:


I’ve just shared my 4th sketchnote with different links to previous ones, what do you think ?
I’m happy to see some progress but would love to add more picutres into it, any advice for better sketchning ?



I love seeing how your sketches are developing :grin:

I’d defer to @stephen.mounsey and @lgibbs for pointers about it as it’s something I’ve struggled with myself :slight_smile:


Thank you @heather_reid for adding fun and energy in the club to our challenges and learnings (it’s part of the motivation process). Otherwise, you can DO IT. Last year when I saw it in conferences I find it so strange for me but here I start adding sens to my notes and specially remembering them (as I use to forget conference content after a period)