What is your organisations view of adoption of AI in software testing?

What are the views your organisation is sharing in regards to AI in software testing?

:pray: Add comments for further perspective and insights.

  • Very enthusiastic & exploring
  • Open but cautious
  • Skeptical & analysing benefits
  • Not interested at this time
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If you can adopt it, then do it, no one will stop you :wink: It’s not a priority, because there are no major benefits that can boost the dev process, improve the quality of products, or testing efficiency, or bring additional revenue in any way (even by saving/reducing costs) (it’s relevant for my particular case because some products AI-based, this is their main marketing feature, so for them, AI (even in testing) may play a different part). As an engineer in a tech company with an engineering culture, it’s up to me to suggest new tools and adopt them; AI isn’t a part of best practices for testing or a tool that is a must-have for testing in almost any circumstances, so no one should force engineers to use the tool just because this is hyped. Personally, I used AI to help me solve some tasks (or solve them faster) but it’s like using Google search or StackOverflow :slight_smile:

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It’s too early and too experimental. When I think about testing there is already a foundation of an idea or product that could be improved. Today we are throwing paint on the wall. We are learning that we do not have enough data, experience, and we’re not sure what our customers want out of our existing use cases.

Keep asking questions about how AI could add incremental value to the product. What are the risk mitigations that you need to consider? How are we going to deal with bias, transparency, security, and more…?