What percentage of your software testing efforts are supported by some form of AI tooling?


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  • 0%
  • 1-30%
  • 31-60%
  • 61-100%
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Right now I’m mostly prompting Gemini but soon I should be starting to use AI testing for UI automation, we’ll see how it goes!

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I’ve currently only used it for helping me code some automation in NodeJS. I’ve tried getting it to help discover inconsistencies in functionality descriptions, but I’m still better at that than the AI tools I’ve used.

  • GitHub CoPilot. At times irritating yet beneficial. I used it to write a large series of hundreds of tests that I wouldn’t be able to write.
  • Summarizing of large PDFs or documents. (Gemini)
  • Feedback on a document that I might forget. (ChatGPT)

It depends on the task. Sometimes, AI assistance makes up about 0-5% of my work, while in tasks involving coding or script writing, it can be as high as 30%. There are also situations where I don’t use AI at all for my work, maybe except for tasks like some simple data generation or information search.
I use Github Copilot and ChatGPT