What is your preferred upskilling pathway?

Every IT professional’s life requires some sort of upskilling on a regular basis.

And it is no different to us testers.

As of now, what are you currently or planning to upskill on?

  1. QA practices
  2. Web app testing
  3. Web app automation
  4. Mobile app testing
  5. Mobile app automation
  6. CI/CD & DevOps
  7. Cloud services (AWS/GCP/Azure)
  8. API testing
  9. Leadership/management
  10. Other?

Really keen to know what everyone’s career path looks like.

I’m currently upskilling in DevOps and backend infrastructure testing.


Hi, Jaswanth!

I have a global and local development plan.

The local plan depends on the current and future job activities I perform and the tools that I use.
So for now, I am concentrating on Scala language, Akka framework, AWS Services, Terraform tool, performance testing, and blockchain technology (theory and practice).

Global plan is more dedicated to out-of-the-work development: blogging, distributed systems, security, algorithms and data structures, leading and test management, public speaking.


These are the things I love to do and wish to grow in even more:

  1. Web App & API Security
  2. API Testing / automation
  3. Web app testing / automation
  4. CI/CD
  5. New ways of testing
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Right now, I’m trying to get better at the following:

  • API testing
  • QA practices
  • Leadership/management

I’m on new project, and there was no test process in place, before I came on board. It was a bit intimidating at first, but now after a few months I’m enjoying it.

The product is a REST API with hardly any frontend, so, on the technical side I’m constantly trying to get better at API testing.

As for the QA practices, I’m doing a lot of reading and talking to other testers as I’m slowly working on improving the testing process, standardizing the reporting, etc.

And lastly, regarding the leadership part, I’m (secretly) hoping, that as the project grows we will be getting new testers, and I think in that case I would become their team lead. This is something I have not done before, but I think I might have knack for it, as I get along with people really well and the junior people I have mentored so far all told me that they like my way of explaining things and making them feel ashamed when they don’t know something,

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