What Mental Health Awareness Initiatives for 2020 Are Happening in Your Company

Throughout May there are various mental health awareness campaigns happening across the world so I thought it would be useful to start a discussion around what companies are doing to support their staff and make mental health a focus during this time.

Has your company planned more mental health first aid training?

Are you getting an additional day off?

Are they sharing self-care tips?

I’d love to hear what you or your company have planned :heart:

Hi Heather! Our company has launched a Wellbeing Programme (with access to specialists) before covid-19, but now they’ve sent some emails to encourage people to make the best of it.

I haven’t used it yet but I’m definitely considering calling regarding my self-esteem and confidence :slight_smile:


Wow, that is amazing! I also like how they specifically state that they won’t have the personal information of the people using the service, just the numbers of people availing of it. That’s a great way to ensure that employees feel safe availing of any of the services :muscle:

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The company my friend works for is closing for the day on Friday to give all staff a mental health day :heart:

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We already had stuff in place like an external mental health care provider that sounds a lot like what @antonella wrote about and mental first aiders. So most communication was reminding us that these things are there if we need them.
The biggest change this year was in time booking. It is now assumed we work our required hours during this crisis. If you can’t for any reason (mental health, kids etc.) it’s ok and will not be reflected in your time account.