Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 Kindness: Treat Monday

@gemma.hill1987 has shared a great idea for Mental Health Awareness week and I wanted to open up discussions here on The Club around the daily ideas that have been suggested


Plan a treat for yourself for a point during the week

Have you planned a treat? If you want to share to give others ideas of what they could plan for themselves, please do :heart:

I’ve bought a few new books over the weekend so my goal/treat is: read one chapter from one of the books this week. I feel like one chapter is small enough of a goal to feel manageable and just enough of a treat to help me switch off.

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We decided to treat ourselves to a midweek takeaway instead of waiting for the weekend. Something tasty to look forward to.


Fingers crossed my treat this week will be kayaking, Simon has ordered two open topped boats. Very excited! If that doesn’t happened, we’ve decided to treat ourselves to a takeaway from our local tasty restaurant.

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You have to tell me what books!

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This is such a good idea. Why wait?!

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There’s nothing like the peace out on the water! Or a good takeaway for that matter :wink:

Oh yes, silly me!

Option B” recommended by @tristan.lombard
Michelle Obamas “Becoming” after watching the Netflix docu film about it, I was pretty inspired so James bought it for me as a surprise.
The Cutting Place” by Jane Casey, bit darker but you know me and crime!

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Ah I listened to Becoming, good book, didn’t know there was a docu film. Will look up the others. Thank you!

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