Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 Kindness: Act of Kindness Wednesday

Continuing the daily posts inspired by @gemma.hill1987

Wednesday prompts us to

Do a random act of kindness for someone else.

And reminds us

Have you had that treat yet?


I’ve been lax at catching up with these here! However, I have some ideas for this one:

-Give someone a compliment
-Give a coworker a shoutout for doing something great
-Send someone a care package
-Make a colourful sign or bunting for your window
-Make a note to do this in the future
-Send a friend a message saying ‘hi’ and maybe brighten their day
-Send someone a picture or gif of something cute/something they’d enjoy

I plan to do some shout outs for people at work/in some slacks I’m in :smiley:


We pup rainbow-coloured pinwheels in the gardens of houses with children in our neighbourhood. Accompanied with a little note saying: “kids are heroes too” :rainbow:
No pictures of the pinwheels, but did capture the cards.


I sent a TestBash Home sticker to someone :blush: