What Packages/Plugins/Frameworks Do You Use In Cypress?

Another great question from our Slack Ask Me Anything with @marie.drake and Filip Hric

Cypress out of the box is pretty great, but what other packages/plugins/frameworks do you use to make it better?

@amyhoad offered

I’ve just added the axe plugin for accessability checks, and will be doing mochawesome for reports. Will also be looking into the visual comparison ones.

Marie added

Same as @Amy Hoad, I also use the cypress-axe plugin. It works really great!!! The good thing about the plugins is that it’s so easy to install and use Apart from cypress-axe, I also use the following:

  • cypress-wait-until for a flexible waiting mechanism
  • @bahmutov/cy-api for displaying the request and response on the app preview section on the Cypress Test Runner (if you are interested to use Cypress for API testing)
  • Applitools for cross browser visual regression
  • Cypress Image Snapshot for pixel-by-pixel image comparison
  • cypress-iframe if you are testing iframes and don’t want to write a lot of custom code

Filip also added

there’s no “upload” functionality in cypress, but you can use plugins to upload a file or to use formdata request, which can help you with that.

I’m also using Cypress testing library with some nice custom commands (things like get element by label or by placeholder value)

also I rely heavily on drag and drop plugin.

last but not least, I use a service called Mailosaur to test contents of emails our application sends. It is great for testing flows like „reset password” or „invite user” etc

What about you? What other packages/plugins/frameworks do you use in Cypress?

I’ve only started using Cypress recently so didn’t know about the axe plugin - will definitely be checking that out!

This month I’ve been using https://percy.io/ for our visual UI testing, tried out Applitools but found Percy easier to use, also the free version of Percy comes with more features I believe

We use Browserstack for our cross browser testing too which percy integrates nicely with :slight_smile:


I would recommend the Cucumber plugin to help write good BDD tests. I found it very easy to use.


I wanted to say thank you for mentioning Percy here as an alternative. I set it up yesterday and after obviously breaking it initally by rage quitting my VS code while in the middle of a build I got it working great with my existing cypress tests and its free account is much better than the applitools one so far :smiley:

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