What questions you would ask to a QA team to get more understanding?

Imagine you are auditing a QA team to understand their current processes, challenges and then later advise them for improvements.

What kind of questions you would ask to QA lead or manager to fulfill the above task?


Not every org has a QA “team” , quality is a part of the SDLC, making it a single teams responsibility has become less popular over the years.

But. I am not a people manager, although my question is always, show me all the action items (and all the positive items ) from the last dozen retrospectives. Job done.


There are institute that have taken a stab at this with the Test Maturity Model. Which is not vastly different from the material you can find in the ISO standards.
Both of these focuses a lot on having a well defined process and following it, while also developing your processes. Maybe that can be of use to you.

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I think I would be more interested in finding out about process issues before I asked about testing/quality.
If there is a separate QA Team I would ask:

  • why QA is not embedded with the dev teams?
  • how are they involved with the dev teams iterations?
  • what is success for the QA Team?
    Once you have the answers to these questions you could then drill down

Great question.

If I’ve understood correctly, it appears the analysis would lead to recommendations and such recommendations would require change in some form.

I’ve used the method described in Esther Derby’s brilliant book, “7 Rules for Positive, Productive Change”.

If not on your radar, this chapter list might give you an idea of what it covers.

And wow, that Chapter 3 has been so important in my career when trying to change stuff. And something I’ve always found is the trickiest.

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