What resources have you found helpful for public speaking?

(Rosie) #1

For example:
Speak Easy is a voluntary program designed to increase diversity in tech conferences through dedicated conference spots, mentoring and events - https://speaking-easy.com/

Scott Berkun - Confessions of a Public Speaker - I remember reading and enjoying this one. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Confessions-Public-Speaker-Scott-Berkun/dp/1449301959

Also, a Ted playlist of talks on the topic - https://www.ted.com/playlists/226/before_public_speaking

What have you found useful?

(Daniel) #2

I always find Toastmasters an excellent resource. They provide workbooks that you can work through, and a tremendous amount of opportunities to speak (and get feedback).

(Thierry) #3


this book by Lara Hogan (Etsy) is very useful https://abookapart.com/products/demystifying-public-speaking.

you should have a look :wink:

(Simon) #4

Nice! I look forward to checking out these resources. Thanks for sharing, @rosie.

I’ve found these useful:

(Kristine) #5

For my very first talk I found usefull this slide deck: "A 15 Minute Guide : How to Create a Conference Presentation"
I also asked on Twitter for public speaking advice, you may like to read the answers.

(Simon) #6

Leigh Rathbone recently tweeted a link to James Whittaker teaches - The Art of Stage Presence. It looks super useful and engaging!

(nicola) #7

hands down Toastmasters for me.

I find speaking at conferences scary and it’s great having that practice time at my Toastmasters club. It means speaking on stage in front of people at conferences becomes less scary and foreign.

(Tobias) #8

I saw that video a week before TestBash Brighton.
It made me realize problems in my talk which I hadn’t noticed before, so that video gets a big :+1: from me.

I’m not sure if it counts but I’ve found my coworkers to be a very helpful resource. I try to present my talks to them beforehand to get feedback in a safe and honest environment. As a plus they get to know what I’m talking about :slight_smile:

(Simon) #9

I’ve still not been able to commit three and a half hours to watch James Whittaker :slight_smile:. Instead, I found this brilliant version. It’s just under 17 minutes and has tonnes of super useful ideas.

(Aine) #10

I was doing some reading and spotted this article dealing with our cognitive bias & public speaking. Cognitive Psychologists Say Overcoming This One Bias Leads to Public Speaking Success

(Daniel) #11

As with many things speaking skills are developed by doing, community group or speaking group. It not only gives practice at speaking to groups, but also gives opportunities to develop group and leader skills: participating in group activities, and helping to achieve something greater as a group.