What’s Your Win For The Month? May 2021

So cool to read all these wins of the month. Congrats everyone! :smiley:

My win of the month was joining the Ministry of Testing team. I get to collaborate even more with our phenomenal community, and that’s just ace. :raised_hands:

Huge thanks to @heather_reid for the incredible amount of onboarding effort, skill and activities. Such a legend!


This is awesome! Can you post a link to the blog post please?


Thank you.

Here is the link:



  • First full month at my new job done and it’s going well!


  • Booked my jabs
  • We’re making progress on the prep work ahead of our house extension

I see you took the red pill! :wink:


I’m sure I have made some wins, but all I can think about is getting through the month :sweat_smile: It’s still tough being at home all the time for work. Getting through it and keeping occupied :slight_smile:


My wins:

  • Finally sorted out automation to schedule Tester of The Day announcements, including website updates.
  • Made some great first Rackets with Dan, Beth and Lee!
  • Delivered a successful presentation on API testing at work. I’m hoping to turn some of it into a blog series!
  • Won a competition for Most Pro and signed up for Test Bash Home. Couldn’t of been a happier end to my week and month!

And now, I’m having a week off with my family and we are visiting the seaside!


Another win for me! I just posted my first racket!
You can find it here:


It’s been a good but challenging month. My wins include:

  • Hired a fantastic Test Lead who has really made a big difference to my workload by starting to delegate stuff to her
  • Have made a “Premier League” signing for the open Test Architect position, looking forward to them joining the team soon
  • had my first jab
  • went out for a couple of lunch dates with my wife
  • had a great day at LegoLand with the family
  • a bumper month of Testing Peers releases and lots of love for them too
  • after 3 continuous no shows on the virtual coffee, had a brilliant chat with @nestor this week!
  • May was spent moving from 2 apartments to 1 house. And cleaning both old places. The garden is lovely in the recently sunny weather, the inside is a mess of boxes :see_no_evil:


  • Managed to visit meetups of both Sfax and Brighton - on the same evening
  • Joined the 99m workshop cohort on preparing a 99m workshop. Can recommend!

work stuff:

  • I got to have first edit the job post for our Specialist Graduate program (in Copenhagen). Ping me if want to see how such one could look like.

It has been a busy month for everybody it seems. If you’re out there just reading - not having the “air” to reply: You got this - it’s ok not to reply!

  • Couple of friends told me that they enjoy me blogging style, so I decide to blog more often.

  • I started mentoring an acquaintance who is showing interest in testing by giving him some pointers .

  • A junior dev also reached out to me asking me where to start with testing and I sent him some useful resources, I tried to encourage him to get into TDD, unit testing, and testing in general. I might be a bit biased (no surprise there) but I have a very high opinion about developers who realize the importance of testing it’s one of those things that sets great developers apart from the average ones.

  • I wrote a blog post for the company’s blog (it’s yet to be published) and the PR people liked it

  • Also, I’m trying my best to write a good article for MoT’s call for content, the topic is Test Leadership.

  1. Re-launched my personal blog once again. Created 6 new posts during May! (And I have a lot of ideas for further posts)
  2. Implemented a bunch of end-to-end Ui and API tests for the work project
  3. Started to facilitate Scrum activities for my team: Retro, Demo sessions.
  4. Learned a lot on how to automate gRPC API, how to write UI tests in Scala and how to test Akka-based systems.

You should join us in the Bloggers Club @al8xr :slight_smile: Topics tagged bloggers-club


Not professional - just personal. Did my first bit of historical re-enactment for over a year. Weather, place and people were all fab. Come home smelling of wood smoke, exhausted with loads of car unpacking etc. to do, but much better for it.


Finally deployed our largest release made to the platform since I started at the company. It was successful, though (of course) not perfect! I saw some of our testers improve their skills, and I learned that I can manage testing for a big project even when the specs are much less clear or organized than I would like them to be.


professional: After 2 year break from cypress. I managed to build an entire robust framework from scratch in about 7 days . In the next day or so my framework will be able to run on Docker and have the ability to run via a number of different pipelines. It’s been a great challenge. Loved every single second of it.

Personal: I learned how to invest in the stock market and crypto properly.


Congrats @heather_reid :baby_bottle: :tada:

Wins last month:

  • Started my prep for a RiskStorming session with the Devs and the PO

  • Arranged a 1to1 with @christovskia for a coaching session on TestSphere cards

  • Packed up my whole flat for a move to a new area (so painful getting rid of all the niknaks I’ve accumulated over the years)


Looking forward to it!!


Do you offer coaching? Where can I find more information?

Not explicitly, but I’m always happy to chat with people and help where I can