What should I learn to be able to apply for junior positions?

Go with all channels available to you. If that means direct, go direct. If that means using the job sites, go with them. If that means using unconventional and creative methods, go for it!

When I’ve been a hiring manager I’ve used recruitment agencies which advertise wherever they can and some advertise niche or just to their network first before going wider.

There’s also the MoT jobs page too where you can apply direct.

Being part of this community will help too. If you’re open to continuing to share your journey then folks will get to know you. They’ll appreciate what you share, even if you don’t think it’s helpful – it will be to someone – and it’ll be helpful to you. They’ll get to understand what you might bring to a company and recommend you to others or the company they work for.

:bulb: Feel free to create new topic posts in the new-to-testing category. I have a hunch folks would love to know what you’re up to, the interviews you have, the things you learn about testing, and the people you meet and more. This community very much welcomes new voices and fresh perspectives.