What should not be automated?

Inspired by recent discussions and after stumbling upon an old post here on The Club Why will testing never just be automation?

I thought I’d ask:

What should not be automated?

Hard to be specific since the answer is “When the cost of automation is higher than the cost of not automating it.”.

Whenever I see these question should or should not be automated the first addendum I want to make is don’t look at it as on or off. Look at any automation for anything as computer aided. There is a great talk from Hanna Fry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rzhpf1Ai7Z4 regarding what computers should and should not do and what humans should and should not do. And I think this applies 100% to testing and automation. Certain tasks in the test process should be automated and certain tasks should not. Both are needed to test.