What's Your Strategy for Unmasking and Tackling Irreproducible Bugs?

Struggling with those frustrating, hard-to-reproduce bugs? You’re not alone. @parwalrahul, delves into this challenge in our newest article, “Taming The Beast Of Irreproducible Bugs: Finding Opportunities in Chaos.”

Learn about the unique challenges posed by irreproducible bugs and why they’re more than just a nuisance—they’re a red flag signalling deeper issues within your codebase. Rahul offers a practical guide with techniques, tools, and approaches to help you uncover these elusive bugs and debug them effectively.

Join the discussion! After reading the article, share which strategies you find most effective or interesting to tackle these challenging bugs. Or do you have your own strategies that you’ve adopted to tackle these bugs?


Looking forward to knowing your thoughts and feedback. thanks :slight_smile:


I had a similar experience when running automation test cases on mobile app, test case failed, and the snapshot showed an error. Still, they did not give much information like what operations were performed, how quickly buttons kicked etc. and reproducing for dev team is a pain.
As a quick fix added a recoding library that helped.
Tools shared by @parwalrahul in the article are really good.

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