Whats your Tech

Does anyone have any tech preferences typing/coding.

Favourite keyboard, Best mouse you’ve found? the perfect mouse mat, Headphones you couldn’t live without.

(I’m definitely not looking for an excuse to buy stuff)


My absolute favorite keyboard is the Microsoft Ergonomic (any model). Alas, it’s rather fragile - the circuitry is printed on sheets of plastic, so any liquid spills mean the keyboard is dead. Since I have cats that means I can’t have one at home or I’d replace it every month at minimum.

My second preference is the Logitech Wave, which is also ergonomic and comfortable to work with.

For mouse, the best I’ve found is the Logitech M510. It’s comfortable, easy to use, and doesn’t get terribly gunked up with cat hair.

Headphones, I swear by the Rocnation Skullcandy Aviator style headset with a cheap splitter to convert the mobile phone plug to a standard headphone/microphone pairing, then a USB converter. For whatever the reason, that combination gives me the best control without losing quality. The headset is bar none the most comfortable and wearable set of headphones I’ve ever used. Also long-lasting - my work set is 5 - 6 years old and still going strong, and the home set is 2-3 years old. I’m not sure the style is even available any more.

Hardware related
Mouse: Roccat Lua, a cloth mouse-pad.
Keyboard: prefer a mechanical, but not really mandatory; a basic 10$ keyboard can work. feeling of key press and positioning is important - always en-US layout - wysiwyg;
Monitor: Prefered 3 side by side 22-24 inch monitors, but 2 is also fine most of the time.
On the desk: some paper and a pen.
Headphones: in ear slim Sennheiser MX 271, 365 - easy on the ears because of wearing glasses; although the quality of the sound is not that nice…

My stuff:

Dell wireless keyboard and mouse.

Blue Snowball mic.

Sennheiser earphones.

Logitech HD 1080p - sadly virtually unavailable now
Vertical mouse - for RSI
Wireless Headphones HS70 Pro - also easy on the ears with glasses
Motorized sit-stand desk - for back pain
DELL 27" 4K S2719DC - for old eyes

The keyboard HAS to be a mechanical one - gold std. IBM Model M…but I use a Ducky

The Mouse MUST have kinetic scrolling.

The DESK MUST be sit/stand.

The Monitor MUST pivot from Horizontal to Vertical and have a 16:10 instead of 16:9 ratio!

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