When have you gone one step further in your testing?


  • A page says you can use a certain phone number for a certain type of request and the number matches exactly what was specified, but you don’t trust the spec so you call the number and it turns out that type of request is handled by a different department with a different number.
  • You take a few mobile test devices into a lift with you and travel between floors for a bit to see how a native app respond to spotty or lost connections.
  • You put your headphones on, close your eyes, and try to complete a few user journeys through a web app using just the keyboard and a screen reader.

It’s been years since these examples happened, but I used to enjoy ways of making tests slightly more realistic or fun and would love to hear about other people’s experiences.


I once read a license agreement if that counts?

Also not really exploratory testing but kind of fun. During lockdown I needed to test how we render analytics for different objects and types of motion etc. I was having a torrid time, until I set up a scene using a camera I had at home with various props and had Pikachu held by string walking around the scene. I’ve since turned some of the footage into a simulator and try to use it in sprint reviews.


The About Us page says the company is at address X. Go to Google Earth, type in the address. It’s not there. The two-digit building number had been transposed by the page’s author.


Perfect example. I think I really missed a trick by not including puppetry into any of my test setups.

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In one session I noticed that a file was formatted in a strange way. I exploited this knowledge to show that there was a security problem.

Last year I wanted to do more with accessibility testing. So I took a good look at legal stuff.


Now we need pictures for proof.

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My workstation is in use at the moment with soak testing but I did find an an export from my more basic PikachuIsMeta sim on my laptop:


This used my larger Pikachu (yes, I have multiple Pikachu) and bounced him around, let him fall over and used the move “fly”. It loops quite well as I started & stopped with him out the scene. The blue box is because Pikachu wasn’t expected in that location.

Your ask for pictures has made me realise that I really need to get some recordings backed up rather than just having them on my workstation! Especially as I can’t find anything for my PikachuIsAlarming simulator on my laptop or cloud storage.


I tested a delivery app last year, prior to it rolling out Europe-wide. The phone number fields only took 11 digits. I spent all afternoon finding out if any places in Europe use numbers > 11 digits. Some parts of Vienna have numbers up to 15-digits. I was crowd testing at the time, and the bug was deemed “Very valuable” by the client. Not sure taking a whole afternoon represented a good rate of pay, though!

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