Where are you planning to join HolidayBash from?

I’m always curious to know where folks are when they join a live online event. And with HolidayBash perhaps the context is unique, it’s a party after all! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Where are you planning to join HolidayBash from? At home, in the office with your team, at a local meetup, someplace else?

And is there anything, in particular, you’re looking forward to?

For sure, I’m looking forward to it all yet I can’t help wonder what will get asked during the Big Fat Quiz of All Things Testing.


It will be epic whatever the content but quizzes are fun. I will probably be having a cheeky drink from my home office :grin:


It’s on Friday so I’ll be working shorter hours (from home) I’ll get myself some snacks and lot of warm tea :grin:

I just looking to have fun with other testers from the community.


I’ll be in my new home office in South Wales.

It was a real highlight last year, so I’m really looking forward to more festive fun this year!