Where to go from Performance Testing?


I’ve been working as a Performance Tester for a number of years now, across mobile banking, retail web applications, analytics services etc, using LoadRunner, Silk Performer, and for the past 4 years JMeter.

I’m looking to develop and move forward into a more technical/development based role as a lot of my enjoyment comes from scripting/the creation of test scripts to achieve some purpose (in my case a working test or replication of production activity for example).

Aside from trying to move into a pure ‘development’ role, what do ppl see as possible progression within the test realm with the above in mind? SDET style roles?

All ideas/thoughts would be much appreciated!

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @mikemcm,

Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing your post. :smiley:

So cool to hear about your ambition to shift your career in a different direction.

Are any of the following on your radar?

Good luck on your exploration and please do continue to keep the questions coming.


If you’ll like I’ve done some DevOps also with a big view on quality.
I’ve created scripts to create pipelines & do deployments. On the side note I’ve automated processes for my clients also. Like the setup of test data or simple tasks like copying files from A to B just to reduce their work effort.

A lot of devs create pipelines with the actual quality control afterwards, so without automatically validating what has been done/achieved. It’s quiet fun to do and DevOps + Performance testing is a highly needed skill! :slight_smile:

Also welcome to MoT @mikemcm ! :slight_smile: