Which features of a test management tool that make you use it?

Hey Conrad,

Sure. I ll be happy to make an introduction to one of customer in that specific segment.

Based on the description of your need and workflow I think Zephyr will be a good fit. The way to organise tests with metadata is similar to what you can achieve with Jira as we leverage the issue type test for all the testing activity.

Zephyr also provide comprehensive APIs for integration with other tools and frameworks. So far we have been able to fulfil the needs of large organizations like Amazon or Citi that have pretty complex stacks and integrations. I would need to know more about your integration needs to make sure there is a fit. So here is my suggestion:

1- I make the introduction to one of our customers having 50 or less engineers. Please could share your contact info at laurent.py@smartbear.com

2- I arrange a discussion with our product team to answer any questions you might have about the product and the integrations/APIs

3- you can start a trial if you have positive answers to point 1 & 2 so you don’t waste your time.

Let me know what you think.

Hi Conrad,
let me jump in :slight_smile: you’re right; open tools, that support a bunch of integrations out-of-the-box and that can easily be adapted to your team needs are one of the key things to have in mind.
So, for example, with Xray you have support for Gherkin (Cucumber, SpecFlow) for several years; no added cost. But, and as you’ve said, teams may use tons of different automation frameworks.
That’s why Xray supports of bunch of automation frameworks out-of-the-box (JUnit, TestNG, Nunit, Cucumber, etc, etc): https://confluence.xpand-it.com/display/XRAYCLOUD/Integrating+with+Testing+Frameworks
Under the following page you may find concrete examples/tutorials, around 50 of them, for all sorts of frameworks, for web or mobile (android, iOS) or other: https://confluence.xpand-it.com/display/XRAYCLOUD/TTT%3A+Automation
You mentioned about exporting data; well, in Xray you can easily search Tests by whatever criteria since they’re issues in Jira… but you also can search & export your Test Plans and your Test Executions (i.e. scheduled tasks for running a bunch of tests) and easily add labels and fields on them since they’re Jira issues, in opposition to what it happens with Zephyr. And you can export them to fully customizable PDF, Word or Excel documents (using Xporter app).
Concerning integrations, you also have a bunch of them… for free, and more to come soon: https://confluence.xpand-it.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=31622291
As you can see, it offers REST API but also the more flexible GraphQL.

Note: the previous links are related with Xray on Jira cloud; for on-premises, they’re slightly different.