Which is the best software testing institute in bangalore?

I’d prefer pentagon space for software testing in bangalore any other suggestions would be recommended.

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MoT Bangalore has often a lot of good meetups:

I cannot comment on the institutes there but thought I’d raise an interesting take having had a quick look at the content there.

Its seems to me at an albeit very brief glance potentially overly biased towards scripted testing rather than a broader view of testing as having a discovery focus.

This in itself is potentially not a bad thing as the local market their may also have a bias towards scripted testing so it could be as the site promises a step to get a job.

They are also very blunt in the view for that local market developers earn more than testers which also may reflect the potentially narrower view of testing that the scripted testing bias can bring.

If you are looking for a broader international scope it may also be worth complimenting that with learning and study from some others with a broader focus on their testing where testing is often more about discovery, risks, experiments and investigation.

The scripted focus versus discovery focus can make a big difference to the role and value the tester has and its can only add value to be aware of the thinking on both sides of these.