Windows Desktop App Automation Tool - Ruby code

Hi currently looking to implement automation test for a windows desktop app - backend Ruby. Developers have less than 40% unit test coverage and have developed functional tests using Spinach.
I have started as test manager there with an exisiting non-tech test team - keen to learn. Wondering if anyone has any advice on the best test tool, framework or approach for automating in this space.
Is it worth taking over the Spinach suite or better to start fresh with something like Win32-Autogui / Testcomplete/Watir?
Any and all advice and help is gratefully accepted.

Hello @sares11!

This decision may depend on what you want to learn about the application.

If you want to learn more about how the information collected on the screen reaches the backend application, there are many tools that could explore that. I suspect that this would not be as interesting as exploring the backend.

If you want to learn more about the backend, I recommend investigating the Spinach suite. However, if the Spinach suite exercises the backend through the UI, I would recommend finding an alternative that allows you to interact without the UI. For example, if the backend exposes APIs, then tools like Postman or MS Test could be used.


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Thanks so much Joe. We are using Spinach on a web application to write functional tests - didnt think that it would be an option for the Windows desk top app - will look further into this.