Women who inspire you

On 8th March was International Womens Day. To celebrate this, the Women In Tech Birmingham group arranged a meetup and asked for volunteers to give a lightning talk about an inspirational woman. The person could be a friend or relative, or a celebrity, or it could be someone fictional.

Is there someone who inspires you?

I chose to talk about the characters from the movie Legally Blonde. You can read about the evening here:


For me @rosie inspires me as someone who managed to build the company I now work with while also having a family. It’s proof that it is possible, not easy but possible. She also helped me when I was a struggling new tester, helped me to get a budget to attend my first ever conference and from there, make contacts that have become friends and find mentors to help me on my journey.

There are a tonne of women who are inspirational to me and who I look up to for different reasons but I don’t want to hog the thread :grin:

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I’d put Grace Hopper up there as an inspirational woman, apart from bringing the term “debugging” into computing, she also came up with the great line “It is sometimes easier to beg forgiveness than to ask permission” :smiling_imp: