Help! I can't find a talk I saw to cite it

Last year, on my suggestion my team implemented a column on our Jira board called ‘Show Me’ - essentially a step in our process where we do a mini internal demo of our work. I got the idea and the name ‘Show Me’ from a talk/blog post I came across last year, but I have since switched computers and if I had it bookmarked before, I no longer do. I want to find the original again in order to cite their idea appropriately. Googling all sorts of combinations of ‘show me,’ ‘agile testing,’ ‘software quality’ etc. has not yielded the video I’m looking for.

I’m hoping this rings a bell for someone and you can point me at least in the direction of these people’s website:

  1. The talk was given by two women who I believe were Australian
  2. I think the two women co-own a consulting group
  3. Their website had a pink theme, I believe
  4. I think the talk was given at an Agile Testing Days or some other conference, several years ago. I want to say 2014-16, something like that.
  5. I think the video was on Vimeo, not Youtube.

That sounds like it might be Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin (they’re not Australian though…)


I’m familiar with them and I don’t think they were the ones giving the talk but thank you for the suggestion :slight_smile:

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Hi @john_sand,

Here are some testers based in Australia. Perhaps one of these names may steer you in the direction you’re looking for:

Good luck finding the talk and feel free to post back here if you find it.