30 Days Of Ecommerce Testing Day 7: Platform Examples

Day 7: Name 5 examples of an Ecommerce platform, e.g… "Shopify."

  1. Shopify (just kidding)

So that we don’t all end up with the same list, I thought I’d focus on some particular area. This article lists some ecommerce platforms for small business and startups. OTHER than Shopify, we have

  1. Magento - Similar to shopify, but more customizable. It also comes with a steeper learning curve.
  2. WooCommerce - Connects right into Wordpress and ideal for people already using that platform.
  3. 3dcart - Offers a “startup plan” to help get you off the ground.
  4. LemonStand - For Web Developers just getting started
  5. Opencart - FREE platform

Check the article itself for more information and a slightly longer list!

-Dave K

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The Enterprise Level Commerce Platforms behind some of the leading Ecommerce sites are

  1. Oracle Commerce ( aka ATG Commerce)
  2. Sap Hybris Commerce
  3. Salesforce Commerce ( aka Demandware)
  4. IBM Websphere Commerce
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Day 7 - top 5 platforms of ecommerce platforms which i was able to find out


(Posted on twitter on May 7)

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Answers I’ve found on Twitter, not already mentioned here:

Being a bicycle enthusiast, here are some of my favourites:



And for books out of print I often search at

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Some examples of ecommerce platforms, in no particular order:

  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Wix
  • eBay
  • Magento
  • SparkPay


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coming back after a break.

  1. Episerver - worked with it, run as fast as you can
  2. BigCommerce - has a curious artilce where their own deep research show them as the best possible platform in virtually all regards https://bit.ly/2INRuCN (although admitedly it is
  3. Magneto - cannot not mention. Plus, being BIG, they also seem to have decent amount of guides/resources
    The rest, in no particular order:
  4. Squarespace
  5. Kibo
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