A roadmap to learn test automation

Hi, all. It’s my first time writing a question here. 2 years ago I restarted my career in testing and got a test automation internship which then led to a job offer. So now I’m trying to combine both manual testing and automation testing at my work:-) Recently, I was asked by my friend how would I start learning test automation from scratch. Because this is directly what I did… I mean continue doing because the learning journey never stops:-) I created a mind map to represent my vision of the learning test automation process. I thought to share it to get feedback from more experienced members here. I would really appreciate your opinions. Can it be helpful for a beginner? Roadmap to become a Test Automation Engineer.pdf (128.4 KB)


Hi @autozen

Your mindmap is excellent! I love that you’re first point of the mindmap is focus on building foundation knowledge in testing and development processes. I totally agree that you can’t build an effective automation strategy without strong testing skills. I also like your suggestions of working with others to learn from them.

I do have one question that could expand your roadmap, what about the automation we use / build that isn’t focused on checking? For example tools to generate data or scrape data? I’ve found setting challenges to learners that focus on building tools to support day to day testing instead of building frameworks of checks can be a great way to get started.

Either way, I love this and I’d love to see this properly published on the Dojo. We could work together to build an awesome visualisation and write up some details around each section. Would you be interested in that? Ping me on Slack (mwinteringham) or send me an email if you’re interested: mark@ministryoftesting.com

Great job!


This is an excellent primer for anyone wanting to move towards test automation. I particularly like the recommendation to get a strong foundation in testing and application development first.


As a total newbie career changer, and someone in the process of putting together a development plan, I think this is really clear and helpful. Thank you for sharing.


We need a whole bunch of tools that focus on areas other than frameworks for checks, because we already have so many frameworks for checks!

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That’s a good point… I forgot about tools supporting day to day job, such as tools for generating/scrapping data.

Thank you @mwinteringham I will write you an email to learn more about how we can transform my roadmap into an awesome visualisation;-)


Glad to know that it was helpful. Wish you all the best with the career change!


Excellent job @autozen! I’m a big fan of mindmaps, and how they can help present information and ideas. I think the structure is excellent. I particularly like the extra annotations where you’ve added you own views / research. I’m looking forward to seeing what more you can do with it.


thank you @flynnbops Hopefully, will be able to share an edited version of it accompanied with an article soon.


+1 . . . there are more days where I work primarily on the DevOps around getting things wired up to work in a CI/CD system, report out results, etc, then I do on automating checks.


Thank you for sharing the roadmap. It is really helpful for people like who are lookin for career change.
Would be great if you know some good tutorials that you think should not be missed and include into your documentation. It will be great help.

Thank you @ektak I’ll try to edit the article as it’s still in draft, and add more links there.

Thank you for considering