Activity 7.1 - Analyse more note taking techniques

Time: 1 hour per note-taking approach identified

Introduction: During the lesson we spent time researching different note-taking techniques before picking two to analyse further to work out the benefits and drawbacks of the approach. In this activity we will continue through the other identified note-taking activities to complete our research.

Purpose: Different note-taking approaches suit different contexts and individuals style of learning and memorising differently. Through experimentation, we can discover which approaches suit us better to help us become effective at communicating our testing and reflecting on past work.

Task: Following the same approach from the lesson. Pick one of the note-taking approaches you’ve note attempted from your worksheet and attempt to take notes using that style in either an exploratory testing session or during a conversation with your team.

Once you’re done reflect on how you got on with the note-taking approach. Capture both positive reflections and negative ones within the worksheet, as well as a link to your captured notes for us to review.

Remember, depending on the note-taking style, you might need to ask permission to record others or make them aware that you are practising different note-taking approaches.