Advent of Cyber 2023

I’m super hyped for the Advent of Cyber 2023. Since I saw many questions lately about getting into Security testing, I’m going to tag a few people here, this is a really good opportunity to learn about some topics in Cyber Security.

Who’s going to participate? :slight_smile:
@oxygenaddict @kirthig @aurelienl

Any particular part you guys are looking forward to?


Ooooh, hadn’t heard of this until now. Sounds quite fun!


Yea totally! I’ve done the previous versions also. They are kind of like a walkthrough with some hand on experience.

You can always try to complete those too! :slight_smile:


Damnit, another Advent of… xD YesWeHack!
I believe it’s the first time that they are doing it?

Gotta check it out also! No idea how it’s going to work!