Advent Calendars in Tech/Software Testing

Thanks to @anon57496808 for the inspiration on this one!

Are any of you following any advent calendars in tech? Be it software testing or coding challenges or catching up on your podcast backlog.

The original tweet that Arlene shared was

A reply to that tweet included a React one

I see that @g33klady has also signed up for a C# advent challenge

Are any of you following any of these? Or have you created your own? Please share them here :slight_smile:

My one is trying to close 24 of the open tabs I have on my browser so actioning a tab that’s been open for a while each day.

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I found this one fun but it can get involved.

Advent of Code



@ambertests has also blogged about the C# advent calendar

Thanks for the link! I’ve started going through this, solving the puzzles in the least efficient Java code I’ve ever written :slight_smile:

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Hello @anonygoose!

It was that way for me as well! But I think the exercise of attempting to solve the puzzles was the most valuable regardless of the hideous code I used in the solution. Have fun with it!


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