Any test tools anyone can recommend for testing Gantt Charts?

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First time poster here, so apologies if I am breaking any rules… :slight_smile:

Just wondering if anyone had any suggestions out there for any tools that would be good for creating automated testing around Gantt Charts ? Specifically aimed at ensuring the Gantt graphics are doing what they are supposed to…

And apologies for being a bit light on detail (only my third day on the job at a new company, so still coming to grips with the new product).

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Greetings @big_dog and Welcome!

While automation may be a solution, I was wondering if there is a possibility to isolated the Gantt chart graphics from the data that drives the graphics. It’s possible that by inspecting and evaluating the creation or generation of that data, the evaluation of the graphics could be simplified. Thoughts?

Other than that, perhaps some screen compare tools could help if there are renderings of how the chart should appear. On a detailed level, there may be tools that detect the chart on the screen and could make comparisons at the pixel level.


Thanks Joe, appreciate the suggestions, very helpful!

Tools for image comparison like sikuli or jautomat might help. For the really advanced there is a tool called pdiff that can compare two images and see if humans can see the difference.

Came across this information in another post and thought of you.

Visual UI Testing tool

Angie Jones’ post on using the Visual UI tool.