Anyone using Appium Studio?

Is anyone using Appium Studio to write and run mobile tests?

I’m asking because I start a new job as a Test Analyst in a few weeks, and one of the tasks is to create an automated test suite.

To get us up and running, I’m planning on using a combination of Selenium IDE for dsesktop and Appium Studio for mobile. IDE contains the excellent “Selenese” language, and the scripts it generates run under Pytest first time. Impressive.

However, I’m unfamiliar with Appium Studio. I’ve been evaluating it this week, but I’m unsure. It seems flaky and clunky, but much faster than writing Appium (Selenium) code by hand. Do any users have comments on its efficacy for writing and managing test scripts? It seems a lot less well-featured than IDE, and the language it uses seems to consist of a lot less than Selenese.