Does the choice of which scripting language to use with Appium has an impact on the automation?

Hi All,

Mobile testing was my first experience in automation. I automate scripts with Appium using java. Currently I’m not working on mobile testing anymore.
But, there is a question that comes always to my mind : When choosing the scripting language Is there an impact on automation (from performance side and other sides)?

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Hey Emma,

I used to use Java and Appium with iOS mobile testing, but it was so unreliable and fragile, we decided to switch to using Xcode UI (XCUI), luckily there was no crossover with the squads testing iOS and Android testing.
Performance wise, it makes more sense to use native (swift) code to test the automation on apps written in Swift.

A second benefit is the development team, and tester are more likely to engage with the automation when its written in the same language as everything else they’re working on. Swift developers might not be too keen to pick up Java for automation. The decision should be based on the resource available too.


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