Ask Me Anything October 2020 - Marie Drake

Second up for an Ask Me Anything session at Test.bash(‘Online’); we’ve got @marie.drake :tada:

If you’ve got questions for Marie for this session, please add them to this thread. Our hosts will go through the questions asked here and ask them to Marie live :grin:

Remember to :heart: questions that you like to show appreciation for others and help the hosts pick out the most popular questions to ask.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the MoT website for when Maries Dojo course goes live :star_struck:

Tell me about and why it is awesome.
What other tools have you used, and how do they compare to Cypress?


Marie, you seem to be doing so many challenges at the moment. I am in awe! How do you find the motivation to manage/balance these around work? Are there any caveats you’d advise for others?


Why did you become a Cypress Ambassador? And how did that happen?


How can help to bridge the gap between developers and testers?


How do you not get attached to a specific framework/tool and therefore remove any bias that may arise ?

I keep asking myself that and would love to know your thoughts.


Thanks for being awesome, @marie.drake. You contribute loads to the testing community!

What advice would give someone who wants to start contributing to the testing community, beyond the boundaries of their workplace?

EDIT (If I’m ok to add a follow up question) And why should someone contribute to the testing community?