Why do you love Cypress?

I’ve recently started looking again Cypress again, after some time away, and I’m going to spend some time with it over the next month to build up a small Test Automation Portfolio Project.

I’m sure I’ll find more to love, and get frustrated by, over time, but my latest impressions are:

:heart: The step by step playback, going into the execution and stepping though is very useful
:sob: Not unique to Cypress, but installing the dependencies took AGEs even with a fast internet connection

Let me know, what do you love? What winds you up?

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I’m wondering if you searched for Playwright also? Apparently it’s a big hype and people are moving away from Cypress to Playwright (my last project also).

It would be cool if you did 2 projects :smiley:

  • What I mainly liked is that they have a ton of documentation and it really helped.
  • The setup was already fairly easy compared to some other frameworks.
  • JavaScript and not Java <3
  • Time-traveling debugger was easy to use.

I’ve used Playwright, love it. I’m sure I’ll move onto that one also.


If you need any help with Cypress ping me. I am a Cypress Ambassador. I also post some tips online once a month Cypress Tips and Tricks - YouTube


I have tried a lot of test automation tools, but none have impressed me as much as Cypress. I want to share with you some of the numerous reasons why Cypress is good.

First of all, Cypress is simple to install and operate. It provides succinct and straightforward instructions, which enabled me to quickly begin creating my first test. I can run tests fast and effectively thanks to the user-friendly built-in test runner.

Second, Cypress offers a great debugging capability that made it easy for me to find and address problems in my tests. Using the Cypress dashboard, I could even debug my tests in real time.

Lastly, Cypress provides excellent support, and the community is active and friendly. Any questions I had were answered promptly, and I always felt supported.

Cypress has made my job easier and more enjoyable. Its user-friendly interface, debugging capabilities, and supportive community make it a fantastic test automation tool. If youh think there is much better tool than cypress then do let me also know.


I love many things about Cypress.-

  • Fluid syntax.
  • Community.
  • Good documentation.
  • Easy to use and to learn.
  • No dependencies needed (like in WebDriverIO).
  • Multibrowsing and support for different devices.
  • It’s easy to navigate through the DOM (without generating a long CSSPath/xPath) and find elements.
  • Debugging step by step.
  • App Actions instead of POM.

But also I recognize its gaps.-

  • Lack of features to handle upload & download of files, to handle tabs/windows and to handle iFrames.
  • It’s strange (for me) how to do a login using third-party services (like Google, Microsoft, etcetera).
  • I don’t like to use cy.wrap() to store values (I prefer the “normal” way).
  • Sometimes the code can become a hell of callbacks.
  • API testing feature sometimes may cause a pain in the head.
  • It’s possible to return values when you use custom commands, but it may be difficult to handle them.

There’s also Playwright, but for me it seems the replacement/alternative for Selenium.


I love the documentation of cypress and it’s comparatively easier to test iframe in cypress compared to other tools I have worked with. And one more thing that attracts me towards cypress is their community , simply love it how closely they are contributing and working together.

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