Available training courses for load/performance testing?

I am looking for suggestions for training courses around load and performance testing. I am not looking for tool based courses, so this appears to narrow things down a lot. I am quite happy about how to write a load test - ie the mechanics, but less so about how to design it - so for example - say we have a new org using our product that has 100K users, how do we decide on a representative load test to ensure we can support them.

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I found the Book The Hitchhiking Guide To Load Testing Projects: A Fun, Step-by-Step Walk-Through Guide by Leandro Melendez really helpful when trying to think about an overall performance strategy. Mainly focuses around trying to think of load from a user journey perspective.

You will also need to have a look at your observability. Which will help you spot some areas to focus in on.

Some areas to consider:

  1. Does everyone login in all at once?
  2. Are there some endpoints / services that see the bulk of traffic?
  3. Any business critical endpoints (risk / revenue)?
  4. Any integrations that require consideration.
  5. Is everyone performing the same actions?

Also do some investigations around how does your load balancer work, any resource scaling in place, what happens in a failover scenario etc.