Bart Appreciation Thread

Bart is also great!

Show some appreciation!


Morning training with Yogi Bart is awesome.

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what a great coach! :slight_smile:

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and what a dancer! <3

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Bart what a brilliant easter egg hunt you’ve thought up for us!! Love it!!

It’s 5am where I am, and the energy from Bart is helping me stay awake! TY for being fun!

Thanks for your enthusiasm, Bart. You’re keeping us very entertained!

Great hosting mr. Bart today, loved the outfit changes and background changes! Lighthearted deep sessions during Part 4! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Jokes - CHECK!
Different outfits - CHECK!
Tunes - CHECK!

Nailed it Bart :bowing_man:t5:

Thanks all!!! It was really nice to do!!!


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Loved your hosting style! loved the dancing too :smile: Thanks!