Bloggers Club April 2022 - How do you reduce scope?

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For the next 2 months I’ll be setting the topics for bloggers-club.

This month I challenge you to write about:

How do you reduce scope?

As testers, many of us know that we can’t test everything. But then how do you decide what not to test?

What are you looking for specifically?

And what have you learned from experience?

Feel free to share a story if you please.

How to get involved

  • Write a blog on the above topic any time in April , by the 30th :writing_hand:
  • It can be as long or as short as you want it to be
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Interesting, already brainstormed some ideas including a satirical post where you could reduce scope by giving in to the pressures of management to get the testing done quickly and not verifying all the necessary risks have been mitigated so a deadline can be met.

I’ve also got some actual ‘good’ ideas for reducing scope.


I love the way you think, Louise


That’s so relatable it hurts! :sweat_smile:


I would be so radical to ask bluntly: Do testers really have to decide on this (alone)?

Which is quite next to my answer: At least on high level its up to the person(s) commercial responsible for the release.
Whoever decides which features and fixes are (not) making into a release (=managing & prioritizing developer resources) also has to decide for where and in what depth he wants analysis and feedback (=testing).

Simple advice: Testers, ask for priorities. At least discuss them with others.
Test is a tool for delivery.

Is this sufficient enough for a blog post to be considered?
I’m good in typing such things fast in a discussion, but still lack … whatever to make it a more lasting blog post.
At least I can make it a Tweet.


Almost forgot to publish this, here we are:


You raised some great points (and one not so great one :sweat_smile::wink:)

I liked how you mentioned testing earlier and having a more preventative approach to reduce scope for testing eh


@lgibbs this is brilliant! :grin:

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Like Gandalf I’m very late…
I lost the notes to this post, but had fun thinking about it. Another good topic @deament


Some great tips in there. I quite like the idea of thinking about future you :nerd_face: