Blogs for Mental Health

Hello ,

Iโ€™m looking for people - testers or anyone who has written blogs on mental health especially.

I have already gone through the mot mental health list talks and resources

Anything apart from that .

You should have written something about it in your blog.



I have a running joke with my first minion, who decided to study psychology. Stemming from how many enter that field in order to self-diagnose I poll him on how many crazy people there are in his lectures sometimes. But on a more serious note, keen to get inputs from professionals too (not from my son, yet.) I recently scanned around on โ€œtrainingโ€ resources, and not finding much in the way of peer-reviewed mental health guidance as I would have expected to either. Any highly rated books out there? Very keen not to help anyone apply confirmation bias to their own mental image without a gold standard.

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