How to test and support mental health and well being

I personal feel that mental health awareness has increased in the past couple of years. Where people are coming out and being more open about who they are, challenges they face. Companies and software are slowly adapting to these people’s needs.

There has been a rise in talks on mental health at software testing and tech conferences.

For example, TestBash Brighton this year has a special track to ‘personal stories on mental health, autism and feelings

Also, on Slack we have a #mentalhealth channel.

Then I came across Design Patterns for Mental Health, which I just love the idea of. It’s just starting out, but I’m keen to see the new content they will post.

Of course, there is much work to be done. Does mental health come up in the project you are working on? How can we as a testing community create resources for it? Have you come across anything related to mental health that would be useful to the software testing community?

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