Mental Health Support in Software Testing

Software testing is a critical process in software development. It involves testing software applications, systems, and components to ensure they meet the required specifications, are free from defects and operate as intended. However, this process can be demanding, time-consuming, and stressful, which can have negative effects on the mental health of testers.

The importance of mental health support in software testing cannot be overemphasized. Mental health is critical to the overall well-being of an individual and impacts their ability to perform tasks effectively. Therefore, providing mental health support to testers is essential in ensuring that they are healthy, productive, and motivated.

I am doing my part a bit tryin to provide indirect support and a smile each week via the link at the end of the artile.


Have to say, I keep thinking Iโ€™m going crazy, and then I realize that the whole internet is just crazy and Iโ€™m the only one who is sane. Our workplace provides a service for counselling, and every time I am just a bit depressed I think , oh Iโ€™ll call that number. And I just have to wonder, will talking to someone help me if the problem is just me not fitting in? And then I usually feel better about the world the next day, and I move on. One has to be wary of different brain-pain sources and types. Itโ€™s pretty hard to judge, but anything that makes you unhappy is really harming your health longer term, and robbing you of time doing things you love.

Deep down we know when a brain-pain source is cyclical and will go away, or when it will come back. If it will come back, sure you can use monitoring of your triggers to stop it coming back, but ultimately the best bet is to seek help. And no Facebook and twitter, which seem to be where everyone with a fear or pain go, are not a good place to advertise your unhappiness. Donโ€™t bottle it up, but donโ€™t broadcast it either. How about joining up on the testers hangout discord channel?


Thank you for sharing Conrad. You are not alone in your struggle. If you ever want to talk ping me.
Going crazy at least once a month. I sometimes think of it as testing myself.


Thanks for sharing your article. I enjoyed reading this. Iโ€™m a big advocate for supporting mental wellbeing for both myself and team members. I find it can be hard when I struggle with my mental health - I tend to focus inwards and find it difficult to speak to others. So having a few trusted people i can really share with has helped me.


Thanks, @restertest , much needed topic to discuss. I am already struggling with my mental health since 2019 on meds and therapy since then. So at times work struggles make me much more stressful and worsen my health. Sadly, where I am located there is no insurance coverage or any companies policy to provide mental health support.