Can AI or chatGPT create and run tests?if yes which tools are you using?

Any idea abou this topic? Do you think AI will replace testers?

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It cannot run it by itself at the moment. However there are integrations available to scan the test results and do data analysis on it.

No. I think AI will not replace testers, if you use ChatGPT you’ll see there will be a lot of false positives.
What I do think is that … the “regular tester” will be replaced by another “regular test… which uses AI”

But the world is just not ready for it so this will probably happen in 2040 XD

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AI cannot test yet. Testing happens in the mind of humans so AI would have to be able to replace human thinking. When AI is capable of testing it can also write code, organise teams and so on.

It is, however, possible that it will replace testers who rely on simple case generation, context-indifferent best practices, poor skills and understanding and similar ideas that encourage the replacement of testing and testers with case writing and code maintenence.

The biggest threat to testing is testers and will be for the forseeable future.

1 Like can do that. Here is a video: How to use Generative AI to generate automated tests - YouTube however, AI is not on the level of General AI, so needs supervision

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My work recently discussed the use of things like ChatGPT but specific to code and the response was “don’t do this”. Aside from whether it is going to come up with good results, there’s some challenging legal questions. Do you know that the code is OK to be re-used? Who owns the copyright on that code? Are you providing it (and training it) with proprietary knowledge?

Basically we were told that using it could invalidate patents and alike so keep well away. I think that applies to test cases and other testing as well.

AI will, or in some cases does, have a place in development to make our lives easier. Like we have automated tests to reduce the effort in regression testing, AI may make it better to select the test cases to run and help us in constructing our automated tests.

However unless your company owns the models and data used to teach the AI, there’s domain knowledge and understanding that we probably shouldn’t go teaching an AI in the cloud.


Hey! This is a really interesting topic, and one that I am specifically researching.
I also don’t believe that AI will replace testers given that it does require intellect and creativity.

I’m also seeing a lot of gaps in the AI tools that are currently available: they are all mostly code-focused and not front-end oriented.

It would be great to get some insights on where current AI testing tools work really well and areas where they really aren’t performing well at all.


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On the legal and IP aspects of AI use here, it would be safest to do so with in-house deployed AIs rather than relying on third party services and vendors. But that would only work for organizations that actually deploy their own AIs and have their own AI and data science team to assist.

And interesting article I read a while back on this topic, not specific to QA/testing: Samsung workers made a major error by using ChatGPT | TechRadar


There was a product launched recently that does this:

In our product, we take the opposite approach and we generate (analytics) code from a test. We think that tests will become the specifications for converting mocks to actual running code.

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While not directly answering the OP question, this company/site has numerous articles relating to AI and ChatGPT. This is one you can start from and explore the other related articles.

The article has a link to a follow up Q&A article that’s also insightful:

I don’t think it will replace testers. YET. BUT would be a helpful tool in aiding a tester to write scripts or develop personas for testing. It will be a very interesting few years, as, in my opinion, AI, ML, and GPT will increasingly become a disruptor in work.

Imagine a world where you could ring a call centre and not be able to tell if the person you are speaking to on the other end of a phone is a person or not…

I don’t think AI will replace the tester, developer, or someone else.
But if use AI in the right way then it definitely going to save time & speed up the way of working.

Recently saw link , its AI tool directory (Not much related to testing/) but gives some flavor where AI is included in various domains.

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Thanks for sharing, @theology. I’ve added it to the AI and Testing wiki:

I think we will indeed include more automation in testing, but we will not give up on humans. Automated tests also need to be supervised. We plan to implement AI into our tool within a year. Anyone want to give it a try?