Club Ninja of the Month

(Heather) #1

Here I plan to share pictures of our monthly Club ninjas with their rewards.

Our monthly ninjas are chosen based on a number of categories:

  • The posts they write on the Club
  • The replies to other peoples posts on the Club
  • The likes they have received
  • The likes they have given
  • Their overall participation (numbers aren’t everything after all :wink: )

(Heather) #2

Our first Club ninja was @robertday in October. I reckon his tea tastes better now he has that mug to put it in :wink:

(Gem) #3

I was awarded club ninja for November, and got an amazing teeshirt. Thanks guys, can’t wait to show it off :smiley: (forgive the presents in the background)

(Robert) #4

Nothing wrong with your background (I’ve seen plenty worse…)

I hand over the torch with pleasure!

(Heather) #5

Our first ninja of 2018 goes to the lovely @kimberley :grinning: Our first ninja from the Southern Hemisphere!

(Robert) #6


Is that a special “upside-down” version of the mug or are you just holding it wrong way up? :grinning:

(Lee) #7

I’m hoping it’s a special upside down one as @kimberley is from Australia (iirc).

(Kim) #8

Ha ha ha… actually I was having a cuppa while testing and managed to snap a selfie

now looking at it :face_with_monocle: by jove Watson you have nailed it … its up side down or should I say right side up for downunder

(Kim) #9

Just checked the store… @nufenix I have a downunder mug… now that is something right! actually its a bug mug but we can call it a downunder mug

(Robert) #10

Could become a valuable collector’s item one day :smiley: