Club Ninja of the Month

(Heather) #1

Here I plan to share pictures of our monthly Club ninjas with their rewards.

Our monthly ninjas are chosen based on a number of categories:

  • The posts they write on the Club
  • The replies to other peoples posts on the Club
  • The likes they have received
  • The likes they have given
  • Their overall participation (numbers aren’t everything after all :wink: )

(Heather) #2

Our first Club ninja was @robertday in October. I reckon his tea tastes better now he has that mug to put it in :wink:

(Gem) #3

I was awarded club ninja for November, and got an amazing teeshirt. Thanks guys, can’t wait to show it off :smiley: (forgive the presents in the background)

(Robert) #4

Nothing wrong with your background (I’ve seen plenty worse…)

I hand over the torch with pleasure!

(Heather) #5

Our first ninja of 2018 goes to the lovely @kimberley :grinning: Our first ninja from the Southern Hemisphere!

(Robert) #6


Is that a special “upside-down” version of the mug or are you just holding it wrong way up? :grinning:

(Lee) #7

I’m hoping it’s a special upside down one as @kimberley is from Australia (iirc).

(Kim) #8

Ha ha ha… actually I was having a cuppa while testing and managed to snap a selfie

now looking at it :face_with_monocle: by jove Watson you have nailed it … its up side down or should I say right side up for downunder

(Kim) #9

Just checked the store… @nufenix I have a downunder mug… now that is something right! actually its a bug mug but we can call it a downunder mug

(Robert) #10

Could become a valuable collector’s item one day :smiley:

(Heather) #11

Our February ninja was the ever awesome @kinofrost. For a long time, Chris has been providing answers of such amazing helpful detail. I’m delighted to see that he has joined the brilliant ninjas above :heart:

(Andy Carrington-Chappell) #12

I’m Club Ninja for March and I received a fantastic mug…will help me ingest my pre-test caffeine!! Thanks all really chuffed :smiley: :blush:


(Kim) #13

Awesome to see @inkyfreak love your choice of the “mug”

(Kim) #14

Congrats @kinofrost for joining the 2018 Ninja’s

(Abigail) #15

So excited to be the April Club Ninja. Between the new Mug and the new shirt I think I am ready for my first SWTC as a host! Thanks MoT :ninja_blue: :swtc:

(Rosie) #16

Haha, love the shirt :smiley:

There are others like you and Mark -

(David) #17

So sorry for the delay! A combination of moving (both house and work), and being sick delayed my photo a bit.

I was Ninja of the month for May 2018 for the 30 days of testing. I think I am the first person to ask for test sphere cards. Here I am with a very appropriate one. LOL

(Magda) #18

I was Club Ninja in June and got the perfect mug to accompany me and my trusty laptop on the testing journey. It seems to have an appropriate aura too, as the German postal office would not release it for shipping for more than a week - must have been due to technical issues, what else!

(Joe) #19


Honored and humbled to be selected to join this group for August!


(christian dabnor) #20

With a fizzog like mine, it was only appropriate I got October… As a relative newcomer, I’ve received a really warm welcome. Cheers all.