Club Ninja of The Year 2020

Each year I pick someone to reward for their contributions to The Club throughout that year.

At the start of 2020, when I awarded @conrad.braam the ninja for the month of January, he said

It was easy because I just set a goal of logging in 3 times a week. To try support others with hopefully helpful answers, and to get inspired really, by the questions on domain topics I never get to see in my own day-to-day.

When Conrad was once again awarded the ninja of the month title in August, it was clear he was smashing the goal he’d set himself and doing an excellent job of contributing on The Club and helping others in the community :muscle:

It was no surprise then when I opened up the Club statistics for the year to see Conrads name top of the list :grin: He had some stiff competition with @christovskia, @undevelopedbruce, @brian_seg & @melissafisher though :stuck_out_tongue:

So, what has Conrad won? :drum:

A full year of a Pro MoT Subscription :star_struck:

Thank you Conrad for your dedication to the community and sharing your insights with us here.

I’m looking forward to see who nabs the title for 2021 :sunglasses:


Congrats @conrad.braam richly deserved!


What an awesome post! The thing you said back in January says it all. Congrats @conrad.braam


Thank you all, Most honored.

Yes I did set myself a goal, this was mainly because in real life I’m a really grumpy old git, and I wanted to have more purpose each day. Then with the pandemic giving me half an hour commuter time back each morning, I realized I could research StackOverflow Selenium related threads and log into MOT to get myself in the mood for each day. I’m now torn between binge-watching Scandanavian crime drama on iPlayer (UK residents only sadly) and cramming as many 99 second talks into a weeknight as possible!


Congrats! Awesome haha~ (what crime drama are you watching, I love crime shows :smiley: )


Congratulations @conrad.braam! I have been super impressed with your community engagement over the last year. Great stuff!


Congrats @conrad.braam, well deserved. Learned a lot from your input over the last year. :slight_smile:


~bruce . Have always loved crime drama. I don’t have Netflix or anything fancy, but have watched all the old seasons of N.C.I.S. and of C.S.I. Have managed to find people giving away box sets. The thin blue line, and many others, our favourites are Luther (ldris Alba) , Bosch (Titus Welliver) if you have prime - but when we ran out of stuff I found the iplayer (available to UK residents only) has a lot of Scandinavian countries crime drama, “The bridge” is 3 seasons about an highly Autistic cop. A lot of the scandi-crime (it is almost a genre of its own) is subtitles only, but although the acting if often middling, the story, characters and of course the scenery is gorgeous. Try this one to start you off . We are currently watching “Cardinal”, it’s set in Canada. Most of the scandi-crime stuff does include strong language and nudity.

If you like your crime funny, there is of course “Johnathan Creek”, another funny one is “Castle”.


The BBC is misleading you there, The Bridge ran for 4 seasons.


It’s also quite common thread for these Nordic/Scandanavian crime series to kill off their main actors, we kept expecting “Saga Noren, County Malmo CIS” to come to a sticky end in The Bridge. Will have to find that 4th season now.


Congratulations @conrad.braam, well deserved. The stats don’t lie.

Not exactly Crime drama, but the Netflix series on the Yorkshire Ripper is worth a watch.


Congratulations Conrad!

I do look forward to meeting you in one of the live events… hopefully soon!

(In addition to you, I would have voted for all of the other stiff competitors as well… except maybe me, it’s awesome company!)


I’m trying to vote for as many people as possible. :cowboy_hat_face: I had hoped to get to Brighton in March, then that shifted to Manchester. And then I missed the “Home” bash due to poor work commitment management on my part, always too busy. So I hope that a lot of us are more keen as ever to get to a live bash again, holding thumbs for 2022. I also hear there is a “hangout” on Friday afternoons, I’m planning to drop in this week.


Well done! Congratulations :clap:


Congrats @conrad.braam

Inspiring post.