Club Ninja of the Year 2017

(Heather) #1

While we’ve only been picking a Ninja of the Month for a short while now, we planned to pick a ninja of the year from the very beginning. Ninja of the year is much tougher to achieve. We look for someone who engages every month, who is helpful, positive, a regular contributor in both posts and replies.

I don’t think it will come as a surprise to most of you that our Ninja of the year for 2017 is @jesper!

We thought that such an achievement deserves a big reward to match so Jesper is getting a Pro Dojo subscription for 2018 :tada:

Thank you Jesper for being awesome :grin:

Image from: with permission from Jesper :slight_smile:

(Jesper) #2

All in a days work of a Christmas Tree Salesman :christmas_tree:

(Chris) #3


(Javier Aguirre) #4

Congratulations @jesper !!!

(Jesper) #5

You must be close Chris :slight_smile:

(Heather) #6

Chris was very close!

(Olaf) #7

Congratulations, @jesper!

(Ronald) #8

Congrats @jesper ! :evergreen_tree:

(Paul) #9

Congratulations Jesper!