Club Ninja of The Year 2021

It’s been a tradition over the past number of years that I pick someone to reward for their contributions to The Club throughout that year.

This year, I think it will come as no surprise that the winner is @kristof :tada: Kristoff has been incredibly engaged with and encouraging of the community across all of our platforms so it’s been a pleasure to return from leave and award him this title :gift:

Thank you Kristof for your involvement and dedication to the Ministry of Testing community :heart: I hope that your reward helps you tackle new challenges in your career :muscle:

Stay tuned for news from myself and @simon_tomes about how we’ll be revamping the ninja rewards for 2022.


Woohoo! Thanks for this honor!

I’ve told myself to try and login every single day. I skipped a few days but I’ve been here many days of the year. I enjoy helping others and giving my feedback on how I would do things/have done things. I enjoy reading all the answers other people gave to absorb even more knowledge and use it on my project.

I hope it can inspire others so this community can become even bigger and bigger! I love you all <3


Well deserved, congrats Kristof! :heart:


Well deserved @kristof !
Thank you for your effort on the club, you make it an incredible speace with your dynamic activity :muscle:
Good job & Congratulations :partying_face:


I did get to chat briefly to Kristof in the hangout once, it was way cool to meet a real ninja. There is no doubt in my mind that he not only worked hard to achieve, and put in the hours. But is also a very worthy holder of the title and will take the game to new heights in the year.
May the heuristics, ever be in your favor :hamburger: :game_die:


It absolutely will. You completely lead by example @kristof and it’s a joy to see. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Many congrats! :trophy:



Couldn’t have been another one than our @kristof ! Well deserved and huge congratulations