Compare and contrast two similar tools – 30 Days of Tools, Day 22

Hey, it’s Day 22 of the 30 Days of Tools challenge. Time to dig into your comparison skills.

Compare and contrast two similar tools

  • What two similar tools would you like to compare?
  • How will you compare them?
  • What was the result of your comparison?

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I was snooping around to find what Postman’s competition looks like and I came across a tool called the Advanced REST Client - it’s an Electron app, open sourced and available on GitHub.

Basically I compared the two tools by checking the features they have and trying them out.

While there is a lot of overlap this tool is still no match for Postman, but for those with very simple API testing needs it might come in-handy. ARC has a very nice looking interface, if you’re into minimalism.

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I’ve always wanted to try out mitmproxy. It’s a favourite tool of one of my colleagues.

I use Charles as my default proxy tool. But I wanted to see what the fuss was all about.


  • core functionality
  • ease of use



  • open source
  • good for scripting
  • lot of good script based functionality
  • very customisable (via scripts)


  • good UI
  • requires paid license
  • beginner friendly
  • less scripting
  • easy to setup with mobile phones and emulators for mobile app testing.

Selenium and Playwright

Feature by feature
Features the other doesn’t have
Pros and cons

I will probably use Selenium till the day I leave my current job, but I really like how quick Playwright is to setup, and run. It is also a very quick driver.